Getting Started

Welcome to Cape Side Realty’s real estate lifestyle blog! Since this is our first post, we want to tell you more about ourselves and the blog.

First, Cape Side Realty is owned and operated by Rob (aka acquisition manager, president, finance guy) and me, Kathryn (aka marketing director, in house photographer,


and tech support). Cape Side Realty is a Limited Liability Company and unlike most real estate investment companies ours is registered right here in Massachusetts. We wanted to be a part of our community and that meant starting off on the right foot by not trying to skirt regulations or get out of paying taxes in our own state.

Rob has been in real estate for over ten years now starting off as an agent, then turning into an investor and now working on his bachelor’s in Business and becoming a broker. I’ve been in real estate the same amount of time but more in the background as an assistant, photographer, and social media manager. Besides CSR, I maintain a photography portfolio at (can you tell we like the Cape? Nah, me either.) and I’m working on my BA in psychology. And more recently, we’ve partnered with 11


Capital Finance to offer commercial real estate loans in New England and the US. We’re a pretty busy couple but we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Okay, so back to this blog.

We decided to go with a “real estate lifestyle” blog because as much as Rob likes to talk about real estate, I think there are times when there’s more interesting stuff to talk about, like DIY projects, gardening, cooking, and other life stuff.

As for the real estate side of the blog, we’ll be posting about real estate news, finance and


investing. Rob wants to start sharing his experience about those real estate seminars that someone who’s somewhat famous in the real estate world ends up holding every couple of months. You know the ones, they hawk how they can make you rich in real estate in no time if you go to this two-hour seminar. Then you get there, and they spend the whole two hours trying to get you to buy into their program for the price of a new car, or a down payment on a mortgage. We’ll also be telling you about what kinds of loans we offer through 11 Capital Finance, and tips on investing that we’ve picked up through the years.

Our goal right now is to post at least twice a month, hopefully, more but with everything going on we want to set a realistic goal rather than crashing and burning at this whole blogging thing right off the bat. Feel free to comment with an opinion, offer a blog post idea or to just say what’s up? It’d be nice to feel like we’re not always talking into dead

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internet space.

Wishing you peace, happiness, and calm seas,

Rob and Kathryn

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