We help people sell their property all over Massachusetts in a timely manner with little to no hassle. Not only does our company buy property for ourselves, we also work with a large group of investors that are always looking for a new property for their portfolio.

If you’re looking to sell, please contact us here, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page. 


Any Property, Any Condition. That means: Single-family, multi-family, land, etc. Needs a lot of work. Needs a little work. It smells weird. It looks weird. You get it, any property, any condition.
No. Probate, moving, divorce, down-sizing, up-sizing, whatever your reason we can help you sell it.
Since we buy these properties to rehab and keep, or resell, we don’t mind what it looks like, smells like, or sounds like. We don’t require you to fix anything, or spend time on tedious open houses, or to keep your house clean for a ridiculous amount of time so a bunch of random people can go through your drawers and closets. All you need to do it let us look at the property, answer some questions, read our offer, and if you decide to accept, sign some papers.
All we need from you is a little of your time, so we can see the property in person, and get some information about it. For example, the age of the property, size, age of the roof, is there a mortgage on the property, the age of the furnace and water heater, etc.
First after you contact us, either here, by email or phone, we’ll ask you some questions like we mentioned above, and then set up an appointment to see the property. At our appointment, we’ll ask some more questions, measure the rooms, and our in-house photographer will be taking photos of the outside and inside the property. After that we’ll send you an offer within three days. Then it’s up to you to accept or decline. Please be aware that due to the condition of the property, and what our plan for it is, that our offer will not be at market value. However, we pay in cash, and can close in as little as two weeks.


If you’re ready to get started, contact us today!